Outrigger - Feedback Request

So... I picked up the t-shirts from my local screen printer and once I took a look at them I realized something...

I create these images digitally, and take great pride in making them look very close to the actual finished product. This time, I made a bit of a mistake on the t-shirt color and I need your feedback.  

The t-shirt distributor gives us access to images for each product and color but for the color I chose for this month, Indigo, doesn't match at all. The mistake I made is I adjusted their image as if it were a darker blue instead of a grayish greenish blue as you can see below.

I'm happy to say, I like the actual shirt very much, but because it's not matching what you purchased, I want to hold off on shipping it to you until I'm sure you will still like it.  Please fill out the form below so I know how to proceed. 

If you are not interested in receiving it, I'm happy to issue a refund.