Set 5 - Four Tiki Bar Coasters
Set 5 - Four Tiki Bar Coasters
Set 5 - Four Tiki Bar Coasters
Set 5 - Four Tiki Bar Coasters
Set 5 - Four Tiki Bar Coasters

Set 5 - Four Tiki Bar Coasters

$ 25.00

We are proud to introduce a new selection of Coasters featuring our T-Shirt designs.  This Fourth set includes four Tiki Bar designs, spanning from May through August 2017.

These 3.75" x 3.75" x .125" Coasters feature a high gloss top and a cork bottom that protects furniture surfaces and prevents sliding. - Free Shipping included!

This set includes:

Hawaiian Room - NYC

“Dine, Dance and Romance” in the The Hawaiian Room located in New York City’s Lexington Hotel.

In 1937, the Lexington Hotel opened The Hawaiian Room featuring South Seas ambience and Polynesian fare. For $1.65 you could sip on a Pirate’s Grog, “a treasure of rum fun pleasure and yo ho ho nobody walks a straight line” or Ana Ana, “a sorcerer’s blend of gin, rum and brandy fiendishly blended - only consigned to Hell Raisers!” for $1.70.

During its 29-year reign, the best of Hawaiian performers worked there including musician Ray Kinney, Clara Inter (aka “Hilo Hattie”), Alfred Apaka, Mona Joy Lum and Mahi Beamer. The Hawaiian Room’s legacy lives on as a group of "Ex-Lexes" from across Hawaii get together annually to catch up, share stories from their NYC experiences, and take a look back on this exciting and meaningful time in all their lives. Earlier this year PBS Hawai‘i Presents: The Hawaiian Room aired, interviewing more than 20 performer who had previously worked there.

Aku Aku - Las Vegas, NV

Having just returned from Las Vegas where I started my trip at Frankie’s with a Lapu Lapu, and ended my trip at Golden Tiki by enjoying the 3 Dots & a Dash, it felt right to feature the Stardust Hotel’s Aku Aku. One of the first bars and Polynesian restaurants to start the tiki culture in Vegas, Aku Aku quickly became one of the most glamorous spots on the strip.

Opening in January of 1960, Aku Aku has a most impressive tiki lineage.The cocktail menu was designed by Donn Beach, aka Don the Beachcomber. For $1.20 guests indulged in the Savage Island Pearl Cocktail which came with a genuine pearl in the drink, or for $1.25  the signature Aku Aku Gold Cup with fresh guava, passion and pineapple juices. Upon entering the restaurant, guests were greeted by giant moai statues, carved by legendary tiki artist Eli Hedely.  Hedley, grandfather of Bamboo Ben, was later hired by Walt Disney to decorate Adventureland, where he later sold his hand carved tikis.

Aku Aku closed in 1980, but you can still see the one of the iconic moai statues at Sunset Park in Las Vegas.
Christian's Hut - Balboa, CA

Christian's Hut opened on Catalina Island in 1935, as a bar for the crew working on the film “Mutiny on the Bounty". The bar was located right under Clark Gable's room and was named after Clark Gable’s character in the film.

After filming was completed, owners Art LaShelle and Joe Guido moved the operation (in name only) to to Balboa Island in Newport Beach in a building that was the old Southern Seas Club. They draped the building with netting, added a dock, and introduced the Tahitian-style restaurant Christian’s Hut.  The sand-floored ground-level bar was frequented by the likes of Errol Flynn, Humphrey Bogart and Fred MacMurray.  Their bouncer, Don Vaughn invented a new concept in throwing out unruly customers; he carried them out to the end of the pier and threw them into the bay.

The mascot for Christian's Hut was "the Goof," whose genesis is not known; it was basically just a funny-looking head that topped the building. The Goof can now be seen atop Bali Hai in San Diego.

There were a handful of other locations that were never as popular as the original on Balboa Island.  Unfortunately, Christian's Hut burned down in 1963 and the site is now home to the Newport Towers condominiums.

Beachcomber Bar - MahiMahi - Nashville, TN

Located in Nashville, TN and billed as “the first Polynesian restaurant in the South,” the MahiMahi touted a full Polynesian menu and drinks such as The Beachcomber, Pink Squirrel and Mosquito all for $1.50.  As described in their advertising, “an evening of exotic enchantments awaits you as intriguing Island Maidens lure you into a Polynesian Paradise of authentic Tiki Gods and tropical splendor. Thrill to the romance of rare South Sea Brews in the Beachcomber Bar. Hide away in the Trader’s Cove, or, enjoy the very finest of imported Island foods in the The Lanai Room, The Rain Room and The Hut.”

The MahiMahi struggled financially, and the owners tried to woo their guests with everything like an all-you-can-eat buffet for $2.95. The site changed owners several times, including being taken over by Omni Hut Enterprises.  Luckily, they were able to salvage 2 Maori panels that are currently in the entry way of the Omni Hut in Smyrna, TN today.