Set 1 - Four Tiki Bar Coasters

Set 1 - Four Tiki Bar Coasters

$ 25.00

We are proud to introduce a new selection of Coasters featuring our T-Shirt designs.  This set includes our first four Tiki Bar designs, spanning from May through August 2016.

These will ship the first week of December. Just in time for the Holidays!

These 3.75" x 3.75" x .125" Coasters feature a high gloss top and a cork bottom that protects furniture surfaces and prevents sliding. - Free Shipping included!

This set includes:

The Castaways - Kansas City, Missouri
The Castaway opened in 1959 and was the first business to bring simulated palm trees to Main Street.  Their logo design is a pretty common style that I'm finding among the tiki bars.  It's only 1 color and the artwork is relatively simple but the hand drawn name is classic.  

The Outrigger - San Diego, CA
The Outrigger Room debuted in January of 1958 at the Hotel Lafayette in Long Beach, CA with "South Seas tropical decor, exotic drinks, "Polynesian" waitresses, Cantonese appetizers and dinners".

Ziegler's Boom Boom Room - Lansing, MI
The Boom Boom Room was originally on the bar side of the Ziegler's Charcoal House from the 50’s until the 80’s. It was located around the corner from Sears at the Frandor Shopping Center. 

Waikiki Room - Minneapolis, MN
In the ’50s the Polynesian fad found a home in Hotel Nicollet's new Waikiki Room, complete with black velvet paintings of 'Polynesians', squat statues of grimacing gods, bamboo awnings and everything to remind Pacific war vets of places they’d rather forget.