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Zombie Village, located in Oakland CA, joined other renowned Northern California Tiki establishments when it opened its doors in May of 1942. and right across the street from the original Trader Vics. Owner, yachtsman and restaurateur Frank “Skipper” Kent, along with his partner Lucille “Hafe” Hafer, wanted to transport guests with a full South Seas experience. 

Zombie Village was decked out with tropical plants, massive driftwood doors, and numerous items Skipper collected over his many years of explorations and travels to places like Tahiti and Moorea. They also served Polynesian and Chinese food alongside an impressive tiki menu. For $3.00 you could order a Tabu “only 1 per customer”, which is not to be confused with the Typhoon for $1.60 and ”positively only 1 per customer.” Although Skipper Kent’s Zombie Village was sadly destroyed by a fire in 1967, today you can visit The Zombie Village in San Francisco, and enjoy cocktails inspired by Skipper from the original menu.

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