The Tiki Bar T-Shirt Club pays homage to the classic Tiki Bars of the 40’s to the 70’s
where every month we create a unique T-Shirt that will be available for Pre-Order only.
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Your own special island, your own special dream”...”beckoning you to a Polynesian paradise where the hungers of body and soul find ecstatic fulfillment.”  With a tag line like that, who wouldn’t be tempted to visit Bali Hai in Long Island, NY!  In business during the 70s, Bali Hai had all the tiki essentials - a full cocktail menu with rum laden drinks like the Hula Girls’ Downfall for $2.25, a Polynesian menu featuring a flaming Pu Pu Platter for $2.00 per person, Hawaiian entertainment, dancing, and bamboo carvings and South Seas decor.

This t-shirt is available for Pre-Order through June 30th and will be shipping mid July. 



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What's up with the Club? 

Exclusivity! We know that having a cool t-shirt that no one else can get is one of the reasons why we like you. Our business model is based on the pre-order only concept, so we only produce enough t-shirts to cover the orders. This helps us save overhead on carrying all the designs in all of the sizes and allows us to pass the savings on to you. We've got 3 subscription levels to below to choose from. - Click Here to Join!

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