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 Located just 15 minutes past downtown Los Angeles, Bahooka was a rather unique tiki establishment.  The original Bahooka was located in West Covina and operated from 1967 until 1980.  Their second location was in Rosemead and was open from 1976 until 2013.  Owned by 2 brothers and a sister, Bahooka's tiki meets nautical decor was only lit up the glow of over 100 fish tanks. One large Pacu fish, Rufus, became quite popular. There was even a fundraising campaign to relocate him when the building sold. Rufus’s fish tale is rather interesting. You can read more about Rufus here.

Other Bahooka tidbits include scenes for “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” were filmed inside, they served over 60 kinds of tiki drinks and were happy to light any of them on fire, and much of the decor ended up at Clifton’s.

This t-shirt is available for Pre-Order through June 30th and will be shipping mid July.



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