The Tiki Bar T-Shirt Club pays homage to the classic Tiki Bars of the 40’s to the 70’s
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“The Explorer East is the place to go if you are a dreamer-type wishing you could get away from the rigors of Central New York by hibernation on a South Sea Island.”

In 1966, the Explorer East brought a touch of Polynesia, Hong Kong and Shanghai to Syracuse, NY.  Upon entering over a bridge, there was a Volcano that erupted with real fire, a pond and witco style decor. In addition to the main dining room, there was the Mauna Kai Lounge, the dimly lit Pagoda Room, and the Sayonara Japanese Room with a miniature replica city and fountain display.  In the Mauna Kai, one writer enthusiastically wrote “you could order a drink like you’ve never ordered before.”  The signature cocktail was the Mauna Kai that came with a lit volcano, and they served drinks with names like Tiko Tiko, A Mynah Bird Coco as well as 50 other cocktails on their 6 page beverage menu.

Well known and admired owner George Chen also owned the Mona Kai In Buffalo, and he created a place anyone would want to escape to whether it was a business lunch, private affair in the banquet room, or for their Sunday family dinners.

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