Tahitian Lanai - Papeete Bar - Waikiki, Hawaii

The Tahitian Lanai and Papette Bar was located in the Waikikian Hotel on the beautiful island of Oahu. Spence Weaver opened the restaurant after falling in love with a dancer he met while on vacation in Tahiti. And, it worked - she later became his wife. Weaver brought on Bob Bryant, founder of San Francisco’s Tiki Bob’s. With decor flown in from Tahiti, palm trees and pareu-clad “maidens”, the restaurant tried to give the guests an authentic South Seas experience. Diners could sit poolside surrounded by tiki torches, in private huts, or in the main dining room. Exotic Polynesian drinks were served along side a menu of traditional Tahitian dishes, although they were also known for the eggs benedict.

The Tahitian Lanai, and the Waikikian Hotel, opened in 1956 and closed 40 years later.

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